Supporting The Alzheimers Society
Interline UK supported the Alzheimers Society in 2016 with £1 for every 5 points scored by Jim Rainbird driving the 'Conset Kart'
Conset Karts previous donations are 2011 £417, 2012 £377, 2013 £307, 2014 £397, 2015 £281, 2016 £404.40 to the Alzheimers Society

Alzheimers too often robs people and their loved ones of many years of normal life. We all hope to reach a ripe old age .. To reach that goal with our memories and abilities intact means that the person retains their independence .. Something most of us are lucky enough to take for granted at least in our younger years.  The Alzheimers Society is dedicated to defeating dementia.

Alzheimer's Research

Why - Conset Kart support for the Alzheimers Society ?

The health benefits of height adjustable desking for all office workers are now generally accepted with numerous studies and press reports in recent years showing strong evidence that ‘'the chair is a Killer’'. Conset engineering and expertise has brought affordability to the UK electric desk market since 2004. Today they offer a range and UK customer supply network that is hard to beat for overall value and service.

All this makes height adjustable healthy working more affordable and accessible.

As more and more people switch to this way of daily working the pay back in health and fitness longevity of office staff can only improve. At 55 years old Jim Rainbird is one of the oldest competing at a national series level. 20 years ago this would be unheard of in karting and the same applies to many many other sports.

People can stay phyically fit longer in future but it is essential that they have the best chance to retain their mental abilities . The research and development done by The Alzheimers Society is essential for that chance to become normality for everyone.

Supporting 'Alzheimer's Research'
Look out for the Conset liveried kart in the Super Masters class.

2011 Championship (final result 5th overall) - reports

2012 Championship (final result 8th overall) - reports

2013 Championship (not all rounds completed) - reports

2014 Championship Conset Kart, (final result 7th overall - reports

2015 Championship Conset Kart - Minor injury and lack of time meant several rounds were missed, a few top 10 finishes

2016 Championship Conset Kart (final result 8th overall) - A year of ups and down, finishing 8th overall in the points standings, best result 5th & several top 8 finishes.



125cc 2 stroke motors revving to around 16000rpm and giving acceleration from 4mph - 60mph of less than 3 seconds with a typical top speed of around 80mph depending on the circuit gearing. Around 50 Senior class drivers will compete at each round split in 2 categories depending on total weight of kart and driver 158kg Elites (lights) and 170kg Super Masters (heavy)

If you wish to donate to to The Alzheimer's Society, here is the link Alzheimers Donate

Round 1 - Whilton Mill, Northamptonshire, Conset Kart 3rd in the main final - Report


Round 2 - Shennington, Oxfordshire, Conset kart 3rd again in the main final - Report

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